Fully working emonTH V1.5.2 with DHTT, USB power only

Fully working emonTH V1.5.2 433mhz RFM69CW with DHTT temperature and humidity sensor.

The battery holder was damaged and has been removed. A mini USB socket has been added, thus unit MUST be powered via 5V USB. Since the USB connector is present this emonTH won’t fit in the standard enclosure without modification.


Please make payment by purchasing 10 x customised payment units from the shop: http://shop.openenergymonitor.com/customized-order-payment-unit/

Is that the price shipped?

Thanks, Paul.

Sorry, there will be a shipping cost. This will depend where in the world you are. £2 for UK shipping, £4 for Europe, £9 USA/ Aus

Item has been sold