Frozen ESP32?

Hello everyone, I have an energy metering board with an ESP32 like microcontroller, but I have problems becouse the ESP32 freezes in a determinate time for example after 6 or 5 hours when I am getting data from meter so the solution unique that I’ve found is reset ESP32 manually and it works again, now the solution could be is implement a “Watchdog” but I have the same problem yet.

Can you help me?

What is the reasons and posible solutions?

Thanks you!

Have you tried searching the forum?
Or, have you tried using say, Google, to search for a solution?

Try changing the power supply you are using to power the ESP32. I have found the ESP8266 can hang due to power supply issues. Sometimes adding a 330uF capacitor on the power line to the ESP8266 can help.

I would be interest to see what system you are using.

did you ever get to the bottom of this problem as i am having same problem
wuth esp vroom 32 … ?