Fronius Primo feed-in limit + Openevse ECO mode

Just idea I have, I’ve been looking at Fronius inverters some now have the ability to have zero feed-in i.e. nothing goes to the grid, the inverter regulates itself by the energy used within the home (monitored by a meter) any extra over and above the capacity if the inverter comes from the grid. I wondered if this would work ok with Openevse in ECO mode or would they ‘fight’ each other ? - I think it should work …

Another idea is the the same inverter at night from a EV’s car battery V2H - just swap the PV input over to the CHADeMO plug on the car, once you’ve figured out how to fool the change contactor to engage…

PS I don’t have a FiTS


Hi Dave

I don’t have any FITs either. Why do you want to stop the excess PV from just going to the grid?

Hi Ian,
Simple, my meter will read a fraud and display ‘rEd’ for Reverse Energy Detection

page 9 3.4 here explains it


Hi Dave

That’s bad news. My meter just stops the led flashing and stops counting on export.

Best of luck with your solution. We have 3 phase Fronius inverters on one installation. Very pleased with them. Excellent service. We had one that appeared to be faulty, they sent an immediate replacement and paid our PV installer to exchange the units.

Not all meters has it enabled but it’s a bit of a gamble which ones do. Very interesting stuff Fronius does and integrates well with other kit, Victron Energy for example. Their Ohmpilot is interesting - just an IBGT I would guess?. I was looking also at how their solar inverters integrate with inverter heat pumps varying their speed/output with solar output - all good stuff. Good to know they look after customers.


for us it just always counts forward… you can see that the meter recognizes the direction the small counter bar moves in the opposite direction. but the meter just counts forward… that was to combat people who flip their meters which according to my electric company is extremely common

Does anyone know how easy it is (or not) to get data out of a Fronius Primo to emoncms