From diyBMS to Grafana using a Pi3 with Home assistant - Lost!

Starting from zero knowledge i find it very difficult to follow the tutorial
( Visualize data from the diyBMS · stuartpittaway/diyBMSv4 Wiki · GitHub )
because of the part that says: “I assume you have done following”

These addons are really horrible and not intuitive to configure…

After a few weeks of reading, research and stuff i am a bit stuck, no data on grafana…

So what i have done so far…

Diybms controller 4.2 testbench with 1 cell and a 4.0 module

MQTT enabled in integration, user: mqtt-user pw: yes

Pi3 and 32gb sd card

Raspberry Pi Imager Raspberry Pi OS – Raspberry Pi
Specific puspose os, home assistant, home assistant
Addons: Grafana 9.1, influxdbv2 (NOT influxdb), Mosquitto 6.3.1, Node-RED 14.6.2

To create a user in Mosquitto you create a new user in home assistant,
Config, user, add user: mqtt-user pw: yes
Restart HA so the auto-discovery works.

In Config, devices i can configure MQTT and put the right user (again?#@?)
In this config mqtt page i can listen to the Diybms messages
Listen to a topic: # then start listening and it works.


Next item on the list is node-red.
“Setup NodeRED server and make a connection to Mosquitto server. You can test that you get data by drawing a connection between the MQTT node and a debug node.”

So i have a mqtt connected to a debug and then what?
in the properties of the mqtt node the options are:
add new mqtt broker ( wtf again?#@?) ip usr pw…
topic diybms/# (WTF does not work without /# i misread the instructions now my bad)
qos 0

so mqtt is working on the debugging window of node-red

In InfluxDBv2 i follow the instructions
Also in grafana
but no data comes up.
I will be adding a few more steps i did because i just now realized that influxdb and influxdbv2 is not the same thing.

Instructions that i used so far… for mqtt for node red for influx