"freezed" key values at start-up, no update (even after restart)

I’ve recently exhume and re-install my old EmonTX(V3 with RF module soldered) and just get the optionnal ESP Wifi module. The ESP is well connected to my wifi, but the Emontx values displayed from emonESP interface are like “freezed” to the same measured values :

|CT1 |3935 W|
|CT2 |325 W|
|T0 |20.5 °C|

This values never move at all.
Even with 4 CTs plugged, or even without any CT. Even after restart. It’s freezed.
As the documentation explain I :

  • Removed the J2 Jumper
  • Plugged the USB 5V charger AND
  • Plugged theEmontx AC adpataters

Originaly, this EmonTX worked well with the RF module + Battery + Raspi (but it was 4 years ago).

Thanks for your help