Free up SD card space

I have almost no space left on my root drive, which is about 4 gig. But I have almost 9 gb on free space on the Emoncms data partition.
Any thoughts on how to open up space on my root?

What version of emoncms are you running?

There was an issue where the backups were placed on the root partition. Although that was fixed, an old backup may remain.

If you are only running emoncms, 4GB is fine.

Since he’s almost out of space, maybe it would be a good idea to find out what’s
taking up all of that space…


What do you get when you run df -h ?

I’ll leave it to you then.

There is some information on this thread about expanding the root partition. It probably shouldn’t be necessary but in my case I had added the GUI and other overheads that brought me up to 4 GB. It was fairly straightforward - if done with care!

The only thing I’d add to that is, as you have a lot of data on the card, consider:
(a) Starting with a new SD card and the latest image, and export the emonCMS data from the old and restore it on the new, or
(b) Image the card to a file on your computer using whatever utility you have - on Linux systems it’s dd (How to use dd in Linux without destroying your disk | Then, you at least have a copy as it was which you can restore, and try again.

But as Bill says, if it shouldn’t be filling that partition, you want to know why it is.

Hanks for all the insight. I ended up using Gparted and re-sized the partitions. I have a 32gig car and now my root is 16gig.