Free to good home: Voltaware Energy Monitor

Volatware Energy Monitor, never used. We were sent it as evaluation but never got a chance to test. Happy to donate it if you can use it and cover the shipping cost.


@glyn.hudson This looks really interesting, I would love to try it. I would be happy to then relist it “free to a good home” once I have tried it if I do not make permanent use of it.

Sure, no problem. Please PM me your address and make order of 3 x special order payment via the shop to cover P&P.


It’s been shipped today.

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Thanks Glyn, received the next day. I was surprised how short the cables are.

I just tried to install it and found the CT’s cable hole is only 9.5mm and my incoming cables are 10.7mm OD.

I already have several whole house monitors and I still want to play with this so I will have to try and single out some sub-circuits to pass through the CT for testing, as I want to test it’s appliance recognition, I need to group a couple of ring main circuits together, that’s a job for another day though, as I do not want to start pulling the wiring about inside the consumer unit right now.

The thing I find almost incredible is how this fit’s with regs and safety laws etc when the hair like wiring (1.6mm OD incl insulation) is connected to a supply protected at 63A, by magnets!

More on this at a later date.

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Yeah, it’s quite impressive how small it is. It’s very clever how it fits in a consumer unit and get’s an AC voltage supply using a magnet clip-on lead to a MCB/RCB! A full teardown on what’s inside could be interesting.