Free hosting service recommendation for EmonCMS?


Ok I know its not free, but I use these for all my hosting needs, albeit in the form of a virtual server.

It costs £3 a month Inc VAT and you get full root access, and there is Debian on there which is very much like the raspberry pi so the install guide is near enough like for like.

I am not affiliated with them, just passing on my good findings from when I was looking for a cheep VPS to run my website and experiment with mail servers.

Their support is slow, but I’ve only needed it once when one of the disc was on its way out. Rest of the time, its a linux box, so “just works”.

Hope that helps


Can definitely vouch for ths one. For the price, it’s hard to beat. (3 USD/month)
I’ve had my OVH VPS account for about two years, and have only had one issue with it, which was resolved in less than a day. (My account is with OVH Canada)

I run an instance of InfluxDB and Grafana on it, and overall, I’m very happy with the service.

The best I have found to be Dataplicity. It creates a link for you to access from anywhere in the world and its a one command installation. :slight_smile: