Free hosting service recommendation for EmonCMS?

Have you successfully run EmonCMS on a free webhosting service? Which one? I’ve tried:

  • 000WebHost (code won’t run on PHP 5.1)
  • (has some kind of anti-bot feature that requires javascript, preventing non-browser gets to post.json)

Suggestions welcome!

Have you considered running your own webserver?


Yes, and I have it running quite nicely. But I want access from the world, so I can show people what’s going on. I’m not sufficiently confident in my ability to secure my lan if there’s development code exposed to the world on port 80.

What do you mean by ‘development code’?
If you mean emoncms, it’s no different to any other software which is subject to continual development and enhancements. Probably better than most as it’s open-source.


I had success with v9.0 and 9.1 on Alter Vista.

I quickly tested Alter vista got this from them on Email
“The service is temporarily unavailable. We’re working on it.
In the meanwhile we suggest you to open a different kind of site:”

Hope they come online soon…

I had a tech support response from, suggesting I try creating a custom cloudflare profile (that’s apparently who provides their security wrapper). DNS propagation is taking a loooong time, but I’ll report back once I have some results.

I had success with Basic steps:

  1. You need your own domain.
  2. Add your domain to Cloudflare.
  3. Decide on a subdomain. Eg “emon” if you want your monitor accessible under
  4. Under cloudflare DNS, create an NS entry delegating your subdomain to
  5. At wwhost, create an add-on domain for

It should just work now, even bulk uploads.

@thundersun have you setup your emon successful on Wwhost? I have managed to get the sql and site going but I get hitting a wall with the Engines working folder what is the format in which the location of the folder must be placed?
I have tried things like
‘/htdocs/emoncms/locationt/emoncmsdata/’ but with no luck , I suspact that it is a format issue but not one that I know how to resolve.

Best regards Paul

Sorry Paul, I’m not quite to that point yet. Conflicting priorities is the story of my life, unfortunately. I’ll report back once I’ve got some engines running.

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@thundersun Super thank for the prompt response. Every thing work quite nice so I just need to figure the format as show the the working word resides in the settings.php fie.
Anyone Else that could give some guidance?

Got it sorted!
Looking at the info over and over creates a mind block.
this will not work ‘/htdocs/emoncms/locationt/emoncmsdata/’ you need to change to

dirname(FILE). ‘/locationt/emoncmsdata/’ works perfect if some else would like to try,

It looks like does not have Redis, which means a number of very important processors (like kWh to Power) are unavailable.

Is it possible to do a private install of PHP-Redis? Or do I have to find a way to work around its absence?

I have been running the site for a couple of hours , not sure about redis as I have not played with it , but I suspect that they wont allow installing module on the server as it is for free :slight_smile:
One thing to take note of is that there is a limit on php cache on you do get a warning from time to time but doesn’t bother me too much

Ok I have played with the site now and you only get about 128 mb bandwidth per month and then the site closes. So I would not spend the time setup a site as it is way to little bandwidth to play with…

Strange that it shut down on you. My cpanel says I have 51 GB of bandwidth available and 2 GB of disk storage. Not sure what went wrong for you, but I haven’t hit my limits.

My problem is the lack of PHP-RDIS. Without that, all the useful feed processes are unavailable. I’m giving up on it on that account.

Really silly question as I have working on Windows server with no reddis what is the value it adds?

Some of the feed processes are unavailable without it. The important ones for me are the “Wh accumulator” and “kWh to Power”.

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Cool I will have look at then on the info page. What info can you deduce from the Wh accumulator feed?

That is definitely worth adding to the docs. Been trying to find out what Redis adds to the scheme of things for ages.