Free EmonTx and cable clamps plus other monitoring sensors

I have a box full of the following:

  • EmonTx V3
  • EmonTx Shield V2.5
  • 8 x Clamps
  • Current Cost Envir monitor
  • Current Cost Optical sensor (used with detecting W use on a meter)
  • Current Cost Magnetic sensor (used for reading gas or water meter)
  • Current Cost USB interface and power supply

Free for collection by Royal Mail (basically you pay postage) or collection in Leamington Spa/Warwick/Stratford upon Avon area.

Hi Mike, What’s the postage costs and I will either bank transfer or PayPal the monies. I wouldn’t mind having them please.

Hello Mike - even easier, if you go onto the Royal Mail website and book a collection from my address with a delivery to your address and pay them direct.

Not sure how to send you my address without broadcasting on the internet - is there a private message feature here?

I’ll weigh the box for you also

Yes. Click on your icon top right (next to the ‘gear’), then click on the envelope 4th down. Click the envelope again to get the next page with a blue button for “New Message”, thereafter all should be relatively familiar and obvious.

Look for a green envelope attached to your icon top right - it means you have a PM waiting. Click it to read the message and there you can respond.