FREE DS18B20 temperatures on RJ45

A few years ago we purchased 300 PCS of DS18B20s on RJ45 from a supplier. We did some testing and found that they required 700ms to perform a conversion, rather than the 375ms that other DS128B20 sensors take. This github script indicated these sensors could be non-genuine GitHub - cpetrich/counterfeit_DS18B20: How to tell original from fake DS18B20 temperature sensors.

The seller gave us a refund, but didn’t want the sensors returned.

It seems a shame to throw these sensors away, therefore we’re happy to give them away for free if anyone can use them and is happy to cover the cost of shipping, or we can include them for free with a shop order. Obviously, these sensors don’t come with any performance or accuracy guarantee, but from our brief testing the accuracy seemed ok.

The sensors have the RJ45 pinout which is compatible with the emonTX V3 and emonPi V1, but the RJ45 connector can be removed to allow connection to other devices.

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I’ll take some off your hands(10?) was thinking of picking up some more on Amazon, which I wouldn’t put faith in them being genuine there either.

Can get them shipped to the in-laws in Northern Ireland if it saves on shipping/customs.

Unfortunately don’t need anything from the store at the moment(emontx3 still working perfectly)

I’d take 20 for the Code Club I run - accuracy isn’t too big a deal, and certainly response time doesn’t matter. How do I pay you the postage?

If you want just a few sensors, UK large letter shipping is £2, we should be able to squish at least 3 sensors in a small packet.

If you want more sensors UK shipping will be £3, then you can have as many as you want. International shipping will be more.

Please purchase custom payment units from the shop: Specials - Shop | OpenEnergyMonitor and leave a note at checkout to explain what the payment is for.

Any issues, drop us an email [email protected]

Thanks @glyn.hudson , ordered £3.60 worth of postage with a note on the order :slight_smile: for 20.

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DS18B20s received - lovely, thanks! I note the packing - very sweet pair of shoes! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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