Franciser Emoncms/French Emoncms

Bonjour. Je suis Français et ne parles pas un mot d’Anglais. Je vais faire passer par un traducteur en ligne, j’espère que ce sera compréhensible pour vous.
Hello. I am French and do not speak a word of English. I will use an online translator, I hope it will be understandable for you.

Thank you for the EMONCMS application. I have installed the V9.9.3 image on a raspberry.
I saw on github that there are LOCAL files with French.
Can you guide me to put my application in French.
Thanks in advance.

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That is a very old version. Where did you find that?
C’est une version très ancienne. Où as-tu trouvé ça?

On the download page, but it’s true that’s when I closed my online account, I think more than a year.
Maybe, since in the version I have there is a Backup option.
Make a backup and install a newer version!