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(Glyn Hudson) #1

This post is tagged with ‘test’

(Jon Murphy) #2

how did you add the Tag?

(Glyn Hudson) #3

You can only add a new tag when creating a new topic. You should see a Add Tag box on bottom left of the compose box:

(Robert Wall) #4

So does that mean we (mods & admins) cannot tag a topic later? And what about editing an inappropriate tag?

(Glyn Hudson) #5

Yes we can edit the tags. Just click the little spanner icon next to the topic title:

(Robert Wall) #6

So that really meant that Joe User can only tag the topic when creating it, but we can add or edit a tag later. That’s reassuring. Thanks, Glyn.

(Jon Murphy) #7

I added a second tag “sandbox_test_tag”