Forum spell checker

(Paul) #1

I do not know if this is of use to anyone else (or maybe it’s just me) that is being driven mad by what I thought was the forum spell checker telling me to use “color” not “colour” (without the “u”) and “realize” not “realise” (with a “z”, and that is a zed not a zee :smile: ).

A couple of searches later I found my chrome browser was the culprit

no disrespect to our North American friends intended, but since my posts have been generally underlined in red from on end to the other due to the US dictionary and brand names like emoncms, it was proving useless to try and rely on the spellcheck at all.

This is much better

(Paul) #2

Haaaa! This is great!

I’ve added some custom words so I can write about emoncms, emonhub and interfacers without being pulled up about my grammar (unless @Bill’s online :smile: that is).



custom words can also be added via the right click when spell check underlines something odd.


Just a shame custom words do not appear in the suggestions


(demonic is an interesting suggestion for emonc(ms) :smile: )

(Brian Orpin) #3

As a matter of interest, a professor at university pointed out that possibly the Z is the more correct version.



(Bill Thomson) #4

She’s out in the garden with Gramps, isn’t she? :wink: :sunglasses:

(Robert Wall) #5

I always make sure I’ve got the English (i.e. proper English) selected, and -ize looks wrong to me. Come Brexit and I might change my mind :sunglasses:

I’m having trouble with Thunderbird spell-checker. It’s totally lost the plot - doesn’t recognise plurals or anything. Apparently, Mozilla released an update and left the spell-checker behind, and the Ubuntu repo is yet to catch up.