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In mobile view, the column containing the post title is quite narrow, which means that long titles roll over onto several lines, and therefore limiting how many posts can be viewed on the screen at any one time, and making it more difficult to read.

Comparing openenergymonitor & node-RED forums side by side - both of which are discourse, I wondered what others think? Could maybe openenergymonitor forum be tweaked to make it easier to read on small devices?
Do we need to see the Categories listed (which takes up 2 lines)? …or the post headings?

Opinions please.

@Gwil for info

This is a bug. On my mobile (Android, Chrome), I’m currently seeing the forum in the same format as it appears on the node-RED forum. But I have occasionally seen it the same you are seeing it currently.

That’s strange, I’m also using Chrome v71.0.3578.83 on Android 9.
Yet the node-RED site using Discourse renders fine.
EDIT - I’ve just logged out of the forum, and back in again, and the view is now the same as node-REDs…

Did you mean specifically the mobile view or were you referring to “as viewed on a mobile” ?

The reason I ask is the OEM screenshot appears to be “desktop view” mode whilst the nodered screenshot is literally “mobile view” mode. The give away is the tabbed headings where latest is in red in the OEM screenshot.

I can switch between the 2 at will using the link at the bottom of the cog menu (on mobile only, it’s not there on an actual desktop device), it toggles between “mobile view” and “desktop view” so whichever mode is listed by name is NOT the current view.

Here’s the same page on my mobile seen when toggling mobile and desktop views.


Why you might have been in desktop mode I know not, maybe accidentally activated, activated and forgotten about or a glitch/bug? But it would have likely reset on logging out and back in.

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Good spot Paul. I haven’t purposely used desktop view, it’s been like that for as long as I can remember, and I just assumed that’s the way T&G had chosen it to be!!!
I haven’t explored Discourse options much, and didn’t know about the ‘default home page’ setting either, which is a big help.