Forum categories?

Do you think we need some more forum categories? I’ve been seeing a number of posts in the Emoncms forum which would be better filled under ‘General Discussion’ or maybe a generic ‘Software’ forum?

I’m trying not to make too many categories since it get’s confusing for users to try and decide which ones to use. What do you think?

Another important decision…If we do make a ‘General’ forum what icon should we use?! :thinking:

basically I’d say the tags might help solve this, and avoid making to much clutter with sub sub parts … maybe we mods should take time to make some generic tags and add these to the topics to help keep it more or less clean ?

That’s actually rather a deep question. As a moderator, I tend to look at every post no matter what the topic, and it irks me to see people cross-post because they believe, most likely quite correctly, that some people will not see the question if they don’t, for the obvious reason that doing so inevitably dilutes the responses and the discussion. But I can understand that there are readers and contributors whose area of interest is restricted, who don’t want and don’t need to see posts outside their area of interest, but who might not see a post that could be relevant because it’s been posted in the wrong forum or incorrectly tagged.

IMO we could do with a general “Software” forum e.g. for software based discussions which are not Emoncms and a “General” forum for random ramblings that don’t fit anywhere.

What do you think?

It wouldn’t hurt to have another forum, but like Robert, I never use them anyway when viewing, so to me it would make no difference whatsoever, however others may browse the forums differently.


I don’t pay much attention to the categories when reading but I do when posting. To me it seems awkward to post a software issue in the Hardware > emonPi area.

How about a less is more approach?

Take out Hardware and replace it with Support. Combine Sandbox and Sandpit. Some of the other area might be able to combine also.

This was my thought exactly. I will create a generic ‘Software’ forum.

IMO the Hardware category is useful. Support requests of a technical nature often turn into development topics. For realy newbie questions the ‘Getting Started’ Forum should suffice.