Forgotten Emoncms username

I created an login, unfortunately I forgot to make a note of the username I used.
I did however make a note of the password. only allows for requesting a forgotten password and not a forgotten username.
Is it possible to have my username emailed to me?

I’ve just PM’ed you your username.

Hi Glyn,

Embarrassingly, I have the same problem as Rich… My emoncms setup was done by a family friend over a year ago, and I didn’t make a note of the username when he was setting it up for us :frowning:

Would it also be possible to find out my username?


Good afternoon.
I’m terribly sorry to ask for your assitance for such a stupid issue, but I can’t figure out my user name to login. I thought I made a note, but obviously not.
It is for
Thank you
Nellis Theron

I’ve just PM’ed you with your username

Hi Glyn
I am in the same boat as the above. Forgot the login username and password.

Kind regards

Brian Lawrence

You need to do @glyn.hudson so that the message is flagged to him. Normally, @TrystanLea looks after
(They’ll both get a nudge from the system now.)

Thank you :grinning:

I’ve just PM’ed you @blawre0000 with the details

Thank you @TrystanLea.
I have no Idea why I could not log in the other day, it just would not work. On reciept of your email I tried again and it worked. :confused:
Kind Regards



me is also one of the “noobs”

i created a new account for a electrical heating panel project

i still have the verification email from last night but that does not say what the username is

the email is: [email protected]

and no it does not matter that the address gets know by anyone :smiley:

I have sent you a PM

thanks a lot… now the “idiot” can continue

easily done :wink:

not related to the forgotten username, but i have setup a graph that so far shows target temp and messured temp

it defaults to monthly i think… and as far i can see there is no way to pick daily or “D”

am i blind? :stuck_out_tongue:


I cant recall my username, please can you send it to me?

Unfortunately i’ve been doing all the work on my home PC and now at work…


I guessed it after many attempts :grin:


Hello @TrystanLea @glyn.hudson ,
I have forgotten my username and password to log into my emonpi. I have had it for a year now but after a system update on my MacBook I don’t have any of my saved passwords.
Any help,
All the best,

Welcome, Mark, to the OEM forum.

This Topic is really about There, the Admins have ways and means… It’s a bit different with you local emonCMS.

Have you got SSH access into your Pi? If you have, there’s a “usefulscripts” directory in which you will find “resetpassword.php”

I’ve no idea whether this is up to date, but it’s the place to start.

Yes i can confirm the reset password script in usefulscripts does still work