For Sale: Sharky 775 Heat Meter and MBUS module -- SOLD

Sharky 775 heat meter and MBUS module (for direct connection to emon HP monitoring kit)

Note: I removed this from my setup as I had some issues reading DHW runs.

I don’t actually think there is anything fundamentally wrong with it. It just didn’t like the trapped air in my system and heat plate exchange.

It was totally faultless on heating.

Sharky ran from 1st Nov 2022 to 16th May 2023 (before swapping it for a Sontex).
Full daily readings here.

Sharky 775 Heat & Cooling Meter. 3/4" BSP qp 2.5m3/hr. × 1

Sharky 775 M-Bus Output Module

So around £320 of kit there in original box etc.
Any questions let me know.

Anyone interested at £150 posted?

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I’d love a heat meter but I see it’s suitable for 22mm pipes, whereas I have 28mm.
Also I think I remember from your posts that it should be installed in a fairly long run of straight pipework, on the return? If so, that may be another problem for me.
Edit: p.s. my flow rates are 20-25l/min so could be okay with this meter?

Talk of pipe lengths in this excerpt from another thread.

Hope this helps

The meter actually has 28mm connections.

Hi Mick,

Would you do it for £130 via PayPal? Looks like a good way in for our future heat pump install.

Really sorry, due to lack of interest on here someone took it off me elsewhere.

Sorry, I should have updated this post.

I think that is 3/4" BSP (BSP Thread Size Information | BSPT | British Standard Pipe Thread) but it is easy enough to get an adapter to 28mm mm pipe either way. As they sell this same unit with a 1" end I can’t see it will make any difference.