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For sale: Research setup EmonTx, EmonTH, Pi 2

Hi everyone!

I have finished my research on three phase installations, so I don’t need my setup anymore. All the equipment is functioning well.

7 x EmonTX V3 with each 4 current clamps and EU plug (433Mhz)
10 x DS18B20 + 2 x RJ45 to Terminal Block Breakout for DS18B20
2 x EmonTH (433Mhz)
1 x Programmer - USB to serial UART with long cable
3 x RaspberryPi 2 with Pi Base Station Receiver Board (433Mhz)

Interested? Send me a message

I’m interested in the emonth, are you looking to split the set or sell as is?

Id be looking for the emontx if your willing to split or just the Pi.


Are these still for sale?

Interested in EmonTX if your splitting