For Sale: Gen 2 Nissan Leaf battery modules (UK ONLY)

I’ve recently upgraded the battery pack in my 2015 Nissan e-NV200 from 24kWh to 40kWh. There’s nothing wrong with the old 24kWh pack, I just wanted more capacity / range.

I’ve disassembled the 24kWh and have the modules available to sell. Sadly I don’t have the physical space in my house for a battery store system. They are Gen 2 modules, the same as a Nissan Leaf.

LeafSpy reports 82% state-of-health and 10mV cell balance and no evidence of overheating. See Leafspy screenshot. Each module was 500wh when new, therefore you can expect approx 410Wh now.

Each module is 7.5V nominal, currently 7.88V since modules are at 60% state-of-charge. Each module contain 4 cells, two in parallel and two in series.

Collection only from Bangor, North Wales UK. Although I may be able to deliver myself if combined with other travel. Please message me to discuss delivery options.

UK Only: it’s not possible to ship battery modules overseas.

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just mentioning it possible just use an exporter and shipper licence for dangerous goods. – it will go by ground not by air (as it over 100w) as generally there only certain ports allowed to send and receive dangerous goods . and in the case of the lithium battery you will have to discharge them before shipping - but fedex , dhl will handle them you just need to declare. packed individually and packed so they can not short and the maximum weight is 30 kg

That’s good to know, however on DHL’s UK website that state they can only transport batteries inside devices and not individual modules. If buyer wants to arrange courier collection that’s fine, as far as I can tell persuading any courier to handle them will be difficult.

courier service maybe not freight service should . I’ve gotten several 4 kw lithium batteries delivered to me . no issues went through international freight service → customs → national freight service no one even blinked an eye and I believed i paid an extra $50 for dangerous goods delivery ( I was surprised as I expected to get ding a few times for that but no just the once on the shipper side ) - but you need shipper with knowledge on shipping lithium batteries as they have to go through specific receiving and shipping docks

From the photos, they are surely inside a device - the casing and connection points - you aren’t shipping individual cells.

It’s all in the wording and how you interpret it :wink:


Haha, indeed. Very good point :+1:

The modules actually contain 4x cells, two in parallel and two in series.