For free: Development kit for raspberry pi shield with hight performance ADE 7880 monitoring chip

Hi All,

Several years we started the company, where we started with the idea to use meters based on OEM.

Later, we decided to produce our own pi shield with more advanced measurements using a dedicated energy measurement chip (ADE 7880) and all connectivity included; since we already used a pi for each Emon meter anyways.

In the end, our company switched to focus on energy planning software and we let this shield project for 95% unfinished. The hardware is designed and tested, we only have to make some final adjustments to a custom version of the EmonHub software running on the raspberry pi>

We do not have the time or people to continue with this, so we offer the whole package (designs plus test kits) for free for anyone who would like to finish this very nice product!

Let me know when you are interested! Then I can share some foto’s and the PCB designs with you.

Best regards,


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Hi Jim,

Welcome to the community. Are you willing to post the schematic here please?


A shared folder with the most important documentation and the PCB design can be found here.

I did not have in-depth technical knowledge regarding this project, but the current state of the project should be pretty good documentend in the readme.

Curious the hear if anybody is enthusiastic to continue this project.