Flash ESP32 with new firmware problem

after flashed new firm ware esp32 wont boot

CONTROLLER - ver:849aaae7c63eaa5f6c7017c3e13d64ca0ca7b4ab compiled 2022-05-12T12:59:11.001Z
ESP32 Chip model = 1, Rev 3, Cores=2, Features=50
I (26) diybms-hal: Configure I2C
I (28) diybms-hal: Scanning i2c bus
I (34) diybms-hal: Found i2c device at address 0x20
I (37) diybms-hal: Found i2c device at address 0x38
I (46) diybms-hal: TCA6416A not fitted, assume v4.2 board
I (48) diybms-hal: Found TCA9534A
I (49) diybms-hal: Found TCA6408
D (51) diybms: Configure VSPI
I (54) diybms: ** Controller changed state from Unknown to PowerUp **
I (61) diybms-hal: CAN driver installed.  Filter=1621098496 Mask=6291455
I (66) diybms-hal: CAN driver started
./components/esp_littlefs/src/littlefs/lfs.c:1071:error: Corrupted dir pair at {0x0, 0x1}
E (78) esp_littlefs: mount failed,  (-84)
E (81) esp_littlefs: Failed to initialize LittleFS
[    90][E][LittleFS.cpp:94] begin(): Mounting LittleFS failed! Error: -1
E (92) diybms: LittleFS mount failed, did you upload file system image?
E (99) diybms: SYSTEM HALTED

anyone have know why?

Edit - formatted text - BT, Moderator.

I think @stuart just released an update that fixes this from the GitHub actions builds. The other possibility is you have only uploaded the binary and not the LittleFS image.

As @atanisoft mentioned, the GitHub action had broken so it made a bad build, I fixed this a few hours ago.

Ohh thank you, i will flash new the firmware

which firmware to flash? i dont see any firmware for esp32, there is firmware for 8266 n d1

nerver mind i got the wrong firmware sorry