First post - Android emoncms app

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(Tim) #1

I have the standard emoncms installation for solar, with two CT sensors. All works fine. The android app also works fine. My question is whether it is possible to have a combined display on the Android mobile app like the one on (for remote access)? It would be good to have a combined view of energy use and solar, coloured like the web app, rather than separate screens for usage and generation. Am I missing something? Many thanks for the great work.

(Paul) #2

Hi Tim, welcome aboard!

The android app is very basic, it is very similar in use to the “MyElectric” pages of the emoncms/app (browser based web app), it doesn’t offer any of the other emoncms/app pages like “MySolar” or “MySolarDivert” or the tariff apps etc. One day maybe . . .

(Tim) #3

Thanks for the reply! I just wondered whether I was doing something wrong. Quite understand, and thanks to all for the development work.