Final update to my GTIlimiter/controller and diverter

hi there for anyone who might want- probably my final update to my GTI limiter/ controller and diverted… i combined my multiple units in one unit. it works with the original emonlib or my custom emonlibs using MCP chips to add multiple analogs to esp and arduino unos (
basically it will control 17 PWM in is zero crossing and/or phase angle and 6 pot control devices
operational option… it probably still has a few bugs as i have not tested every option combination possible so something probably will arise ( and I have not tested phase angle intensively as I prefer zero crossing)


0-24 SSR in combination of zero crossing or phase angle SSR ( use a triac and moc300X or random SSR for phase angle ) 17 controlled by PWM and 6 by variable resistance (POT)
cascading and/or in unison

GTI Limiting

also 0 -23 using combination PWM or variable resistance - one just add DC to DC SSR between the panel and the inverter - depending on inverter might need to add low pass filter or just a capacitor across the DC switch to flatten out the voltage pulse also works either in Unison ( all inverter reduce out put at the same level )or cascading ( reducing GTI output one GTI at a time )
one does not have to use it as GTI limiting you can also use it to transfer DC power to do other work instead ie powering DC motors for ventilation or water pumps, charging battery storage systems etc

GTI Controller

controls one GTI via PWM
in period of low alternative energy production you can draw power from a battery storage- you can use pretty much any cheap GTI for this to protect the GTI you adjust the maxium power output through the PWM . so the MPPT does not try to track at the highest possible amperage and voltage and is not running a 100% load all the time shortens the life dramatically. just adjust setting so your GTI runs at <80% of rated maximum output and it should work fine over a long period with out issue . to control and maintain batteries just place a cheap solar controller rated at the same or larger amperage and voltage then your GTI using the “light” control battery disconnect on your GTI due to battery discharge.

okay good luck have fun (5.6 KB)

and here a simple tool to help calculate the best frequency for minimal flicker for zero crossing and/or phase angle (1.3 KB)

oops I noticed I uploaded the wrong sketch- it missing the timing shift for phase angle - 2 lines of code so phase shift was broken --sorry for that (5.6 KB)

also started a github repository for it and others