File Size Restrictions?

I’m trying to add a small image to a topic, but I keep getting a size restriction error:

The file is only 1.3 MB:


Is file size now measured in bits instead of bytes?

Jon, open in preview and use adjust size under tools to reduce size
1.3 Mo for a screenshot is really heavy (even on a Mac :wink: )

Maybe there is also a restriction of the total size of images uploaded pro account ?

That’s strange, 3mb should be the limit. Could you Dropbox me the file. I’ll test upload and check what’s going on

Jon’s screenshot shows a file size of 1.3 Mega bytes. which would be ~10.4 Mega bits.

His original question was “Is file size now measured in bits instead of bytes?”
(the notation 3072kb indicates kilo bits)

At 1.3 MB, it sounds like the file compression level is low, or possibly none, i.e. uncompresed.

Upload size issue has been fixed, it was due to the HTTPS section of the Nginx server config not having a client_max_body_size set large enough. Thanks for letting me know :thumbsup: