Feeds page has no symbols on the RH side

Whilst learning how to use Emoncms I set up three feeds. I no longer want to use those feeds and want to delete them because they are wasting my subscription fee. I deleted the inputs, no problem. However, on my ‘Feeds’ page there are no symbols on the right-hand side of the page that should include the delete symbol. Can someone help me fix the missing symbols please. I don’t think I can simply delete the account and start again as I would lose my subscribed hours. Alternatively, can anyone tell me how to delete the unwanted feeds.
Additionally, I have tried using MS Edge instead of Chrome and still the symbols are missing. The PHPFINA label has a little ‘case’ symbol at the side. Otherwise only the data value and time since last update are shown at the right-hand side.

On standalone emoncms, you tick the checkboxes for the feeds to delete, then click the bin symbol that appears at the top of the page.

Thank you so much, I have spent ages searching the ‘net’ and forums for the answer. So easy when you know how! I think the example pages I saw must have been for older versions of emoncms. I am using emoncms.org so your answer works for that too. I have marked your post as the solution. Thank you again.

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