Feeds not working on resurrected system

Hi All, I have re installed a emontx V3 Arduino + Rpi + emoncms.org system that has been unused for a number of years.

local HW all seems ok, data is being transmitted to the Pi and sent to emoncms.org

Data seems to be getting all the way to the inputs section of my account.

the feeds page shows the 3 node inputs not updating ?

version is years old. wanted to get it working before attempting any updates

will try and add pics but 1st post struggles.

any assistance appreciated



debug on the Pi ocal HW all seems ok, data is being transmitted and sent;

2020-03-08 18:40:23,374 INFO Sending to emoncms.org
2020-03-08 18:40:24,039 DEBUG Send ok
2020-03-08 18:40:26,098 INFO Serial RX: 10 253 255 182 13 246 1 0 0 179 93
2020-03-08 18:40:26,101 DEBUG Node: 10
2020-03-08 18:40:26,104 DEBUG Values: [-3, 3510, 502, 0, 23987]
2020-03-08 18:40:26,107 DEBUG Server → send data: [10, -3, 3510, 502, 0, 23987]
2020-03-08 18:40:26,111 DEBUG Data string: &node=10&json={1:-3,2:3510,3:502,4:0,5:23987}
2020-03-08 18:40:26,114 DEBUG &node=10&json={1:-3,2:3510,3:502,4:0,5:23987}
2020-03-08 18:40:26,116 INFO Sending to emoncms.org
2020-03-08 18:40:26,809 DEBUG Send ok

Welcome, David, to the OEM forum. I’ve upped your privileges so you shouldn’t have any difficulty posting.

I presume the first “Log to feed” for each of those first 3 inputs is the one that’s “inactive”? What does it actually say?

seems ok?

In the back of my mind is problems some while ago with a change between ID’s and Names. This is one for @TrystanLea.

It does look ok, I suspect those 3 inactive feeds are redundant early experiments or something similar. Those 3 feed names do not appear in any of your processlist and all the feeds that are in the processlist are showing as updating ok in the feed list.

Also if you look at the feed file sizes the inactive feeds are very small, plus all the acrive feeds id numbers are consecutive as if they were set up all on one go, seperate to the inactive feeds.

I would hazard a guess and say the inactive feeds could possibly be deleted but unless you are confident that is the case, maybe leave them be until you are sure.

Hmm OK, i’ll have to go back to the manual, I cant seem to visualize any of the data even thought the input and feed values are changing, thought this was related to the 3 inactive feeds…
If I go to the data viewer for any of the other updating feeds it shows no data. Statistics in the “feeds in View” shows 0% quality.
Set all this up 6 years ago so struggling to remember everything.

If it is that old, I’d be inclined to just start with a fresh image on a new SD card. You can always go back to the old card.

Also depending on the age it might be an idea to update the EmonTX firmware.

Some progress but I think I will delete everything and start again.
Using the Visualization menu item I can see data now on the feeds, but not when using the Data viewer from the feed list.
Had my CT’s in the wrong order and after some swapping and resetting the feeds in the My Solar app I can now see the values in the App. weirdly the App graph display only works from the time I open and are viewing, no historical values, like the graph is only showing real time values while I’m looking then loses the data as soon as I close the view. Think I have remember enough now to wipe and start again.
Thanks for your help!!

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Just work through the Getting Started Guide I’d suggest.

All good now, deleted everything and reconfigured the same way. My solar App now saving history!

Thanks all for the help.

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