Feeds not working on emoncms.org

Hi Glyn about 15 minutes after the last post I made it all seems to have started working. does it all seem ok to you the solar app is loading though I am not sure it is correct yet.

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Hi Glyn That’s brilliant I’m so grateful I was beginning to give up. i’ll study your post to see if I can understand it and then apply it to my local emoncms Thanks again.

Magic :slightly_smiling_face:

You’re most welcome, we’re working to make this initial setup easier.

It will probably take 12/24hrs to populate with useful data. Could you post a screen shot after 24hrs and I’ll check.

Will do, thanks again.

Hi Glyn I am posting the screenshots of the graphs,does it look ok to you. The negative use now line, drops below the graph unlike the one on your solar guide page also the view history sometimes is blank… If it is correct I am struggling to interpret the figures, when in negative use has it something to do with the export tariff the one where we get paid for 50% of what we export.

… as one that also think his setup/configuration is not right.
would be great to find a 10 step guid what to check/configure in the emonhub.cfg file, followed by what in input and feeds to configure per power/current sensor.

Ok, got it. This is because the feed you labelled as ‘use’ is actually grid import / export. This is what it goes negative when you’re generating. Your solar PV system is monitored like a ‘Type-2’ solar PV system

I’ve added Solar Generation (Key 2, Node 5) to this Grid input to calculate your actual ‘Use’

Hi Glyn
Many thanks for that it is working fine now

Its funny about it using type 2, I just rechecked and I definitely have the export clamp on the output from the panels before the meter and kenly blocks, and the import on the feed, on the import cable straight after the Electric board fuse before the meter. I am getting positive from import when using & negative on import when exporting. or is that because I renamed grid import /export as use

Can you tell me what the show balance means in the graph.

When I make the changes to my local emoncms can I do it by deleting all the feeds, then deleting the two process lists on 1 & 2. (would that get me back to the start up configuration, removing all changes I had made)
Then going to configure devices and auto setup a new device as type 2.
And would doing any of that affect what you have set up for me on emoncms.

My local system screenshot below

Hi Glyn did you get chance to read my last post, Since then I have been trying to correct my local machine with not much success the .org one you mended is going fine. I have set up the process list same as you did on the .org site but I can not get the input to go positive