Feeds / Inputs / Process list not working or updating and system fail

Hi, and Help!.
The initial setup of emonPi to monitor solar went well and running properly for some days. I have been trying to set up a virtual feed and make it visible to Node RED and have probably chosen some wrong instructions. After trying a particular process combination and attempting to see a feed in Node RED I attempted to return to the emonPi feed page to find it only shows “loading”, and fails after a time with the message that the server disconnects. I was able to select the Setup Inputs page, to find that all the Process Lists had disappeared replaced with the word “wait”. I was able to delete all processes and start again - only to find that when adding a single process and saving, the node process list only shows “wait”.
I have followed the trouble shooting “Feeds / Inputs not updating”; emonHub and Emoncms MQTT Input Service appear OK (not that I am used to using terminal, but the messages indicated that services were running); I restarted them via terminal as per the instructions. I found that the third troubleshooting item, System Time, was incorrect - it had slipped back to 0:00. I corrected this to local time, and rebooted. No change, Process List still says “wait” and the Feed page will not load. I have tried the last ditch item, Factory Reset, but Terminal replies with “bash: /root/emonpi/./factoryreset: No such file or directory” so that did not work.
There is a reset button on the side of the emonPi, but I cannot find any instructions on its use, and do not know if the “Press Reset Hold Power Off” means power off and press, or press then power off.
Can anyone assist by advising what I should do?
Many thanks