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"Feed Value" over time period? like the last 7 days or 12 months

Hi All
I’m working on a new dashboard and it came to me that it would be useful to provide predictions based on the previous usage, I.E. cost of electricity over the last 7 days, 1 month, 12 months etc.
Currently, the only way to do it is to look at yesterday’s import and multiply be 12.
As you can see from my dashboard, we use an incredible amount of energy and without the solar PV, my leccy bill would be roughly £1,800 a year!!


Hello @Dave

Did you see the kwhperiod widget in the dashboard? you can configure it to show consumption over different periods assuming that you have cumulative kWh feeds as the input feed

Hi Trystan,
I wasn’t aware of that widget, however, I’m struggling to get it going.
I have a total KWh feed that updates every 24 hours but when selecting a week, the number it spits out is only for a day when a week is selected.


Ah yes you need to set ‘Period quantise’ to False.

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