Feed storage discussion

Whilst adding to the graph module, I learnt that it does the kWh/d stats from a kWh feed and hence an opportunity for me to remove some feeds that I have. Alongside this, I also see that my local emoncms backups are naturally growing.

This made me think about how many feeds I had and that if we could apply more calculations as part of for example the graph module, that I could then remove the need to store a lot of the feeds that I need at the expense of additional calculation during the display phase.

This may then also be of use with reducing the storage required on servers for emoncms.org.

At one extreme this means that you could instead merely store the input and everything else becomes online calcs. By providing a module, this could potentially be spliced into whichever process chooses to use it and these dynamic calcs could even be managed in a similar manner as the feed process list. The feed processes continue as is, but at the extreme you could consider loosing the “Log to Feed” process,

EDIT >> Moved from ‘OpenEnergyMonitor goals 2018/2019’ thread, as this is probably better as a stand-alone thread - @Paul

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