Feed sort order

Hi all,

I’m successfully running a Linux based EMONCMS. One issue I have is that I can’t sort the feed lists - they can only be sorted on feed ID or at least, the order in which the feeds were created. Is there a way to sort alphabetically or other option?

For example:

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Short answer, no :slight_smile:

I’m sure I suggested a long time ago that the feed ID be placed as a column for easy reference.


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Thanks Brian, I thought that was the case. It would be pretty handy to have sort icons at the top of the columns.

I appreciate your input, thanks.


Hello @peteclyde
I’ve created a quick feature branch here GitHub - emoncms/emoncms at sort_feed_list with an option to sort the feed list.

Is this adding too many buttons/options to the view? I’ve generally been happy with the default sorting order so not sure how much I’d use this personally?

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Sorting the feeds would be great, though a simple “Sort by name” checkbox would probably suffice.

There are also lists of feeds on the Graph page, and within Dashboard widgets, so it would nice if this was a global (user?) option that applied in all places. Particularly as the list of feeds on the Graph page doesn’t match the order on the Feeds page. Does this sorting need to happen deeper, like when it’s pulled from the database, i.e. mysql_get_user_feeds?

I have a ridiculous number of feeds now, and often struggle to find the one I’m looking for. I’d really like to see a filter box that then only shows matching feeds. (Happy to contribute some code if you’d like)

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I like that idea.

It could also do with the default being collapsed rather than expanded nodes as well.

Can we get the ID number as a column - pretty please :slight_smile:

Yes sounds like that might be a better location. Sorry not going to get much further with this one quickly but happy if anyone else wants to look at it.

The hacking I’ve done so far on sort order has only fixed it in one or two places; there are other places that list feeds in a random order. I’ll do some more poking…


Love it, I’ll take a look. Looks promising.


Hi @TrystanLea

I’ve had a play and it looks great so far. Only issue I saw is that the drop down box when descending is selected drops the final ‘g’



I’ve tried it on two computers (with varying screen sizes) and it’s the same on both.


width:100px to width:110px appears to fix it.


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Thanks @Timbones @peteclyde interested to hear how you get on @Timbones :slight_smile:

I have submitted a pull request that adds a filter to feeds page. I find it works nicely :slight_smile:

I tried doing the same for Inputs, but that proved way trickier and possibly less useful.