Feed screen forever loading

Got emontx4 today, several things in emoncms don’t match the docs but this specific question is why has my Feed screen now suddenly stopped loading, just shows a spinning loading icon. Also the Inputs screen now looks like this with these grey Wait&help icons.
Power cycling made no difference.

Guess I’m not getting any solar data tomorrow then on my first day with this.

All the inputs now show that the feeds don’t exist.

feed page list.json contains this warning at the top

Trying to access array offset on value of type null in /var/www/emoncms/Modules/process/process_processlist.php on line 1486

Emoncms log is logging this frequently
2022-12-03 01:36:02.-454|WARN|feed_model.php|Feed model: Requested feed does not exist feedid=65

From using the visualisations screen drop down select I can guess that feed id 65 used to be P6 input.

I’ve resolved it. By seeing the error message in the log mentioning feed id 65, I used this list to find all the feeds that used 65


Then deleted each one with this


Glad that you managed to fix it. Thankyou for the error details and line number. I’ve tracked this down to two emoncms bugs which are now fixed.

  1. Added a check in emoncms core for that null value on line 1486 of process_processlist.php (v11.2.9)
  2. Added a check in the emoncms Device module so that when adding input processes that link to existing feeds that those feeds are not virtual feeds. (v2.2.2)

From what I can work out, you may have already had a feed on your system called P6 and that it was a virtual feed. When you then used the device module to create all the other feeds, emoncms attached an invalid log_to_feed process to that virtual feed which then resulted in that null error. Should all be fixed now going forward.

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Any suggestions for changes welcome, thanks!

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Just a thought, move the old Feed API documentation (and Input API doc) to the documentation page?

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Yes I think that could work with a bit of modification, good idea

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My comment about docs differing turned out to be my misunderstanding. I was trying to do all the processing tasks from the Feeds screen not the input, so didn’t seen many of the operations I saw in the docs.
All set up now, got import, export, solar gen, hot tub to far. Got to get an electrician to install in consumer unit the heat pump, kitchen white goods circuit and cooker (subtract all that lot from total and I have figures for ring mains) then I all done. Oh and I’ll need to order another 50A CT to replace the 20A on hot tub and recalibrate base before doing consumer unit since the wiring used is too thick for 20A even though that’s the fuse I saw when I ordered.

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