Feed not storing data

Hi folks,

Emonpi running emonSD-07Nov16

This is a strange one that just started happening since I added some more inputs (and feeds) over the weekend. I’m using emoncms to log temperatures of Fridge and Freezers at a charity.
The input comes from a python script running on the emoncms machine (Raspberry PI runin emonpi) that sends input using the ‘/emoncms/input/post.json?node=1&api=xxx&json=’ type syntax and the inputs get into emoncms inputs, showing refreshed at the correct times and all the correct values.
(There are 13 devices in total sending inputs)

Each of these inputs are set to “Log to Feed” using pretty much default feed logging settings, i.e. Data: Realtime, Feed: NEW Engine: PHPFINA 10s.

Until the weekend all was fine, I added the two new units (12 and 13) set them to the same to log to feed, etc. And for some reason 3 others randomly stopped working (3, 4 and 5). All others are fine.
Checking INPUTS I can see the values and they refresh correctly.
Checking FEEDS, the feed exists and shows the last refresh and last value correctly, like this:
16 … fridge3 REALTIME PHPFINA 524B 81s 3.81

If I then click on the eye to view the feed graph, I get a blank graph. Viewing the CSV output I see:
1496813400, null
1496814300, null
1496815200, null
1496816100, null
1496817000, null
1496817900, null
1496818800, null
(etc - All values are null)

If I view the raw data using the feed dump url:

I get back

I’m a little stuck now, I need to get them back and working asap! I’ve tried to delete the feed and re-recreate it and this hasn’t worked, the feed still shows no data.
The feed is set to public so I don’t believe it’s a permission error, and is setup the same as all the others which are working (apart from the three that stopped!)

Can anyone advise on where to start debugging and looking into this please as I’d appreciate the assistance.


Plese check date and time on your server.

thanks Tomasz, however date and time all correct (sync’s with ntp at boot).

What I have found though is that these feeds are getting Nan because of my settings for the feed.

I have the feed set as:

It’s the 10s that I think is where it’s gone wrong. Originally the sensor polling was on a faster schedule, I’ve since changed this to a 3 minute polling window, so potentially the input gets its update at worst every 3min45, which is where the problem has occurred.
I’ve deleted the feed and re-created it setting the interval to 5minutes. This seems to have solved it for the ones that had failed.

If I’m correct I’ll have to watch the others and if they fail change theirs too (Unsure why they haven’t failed yet though).