Feed Name vs Feed ID

I have a bunch of historial data - downloaded feed_N.MYD files.

Since the download, I have reconfigured my inputs and feeds and so the feed ID numbers have changed.

So now for my historical data, I have no idea which feed ID relates to which feed NAME. So the historical data is not usable.

What additional file(s) should I have downloaded - to list feed ID against feed Name for that historical data?

I’ve just discovered Backup/Replication on the Forum - is that the only route to take?

John Banks

Hi John, you can get a detailed list of all your feeds which can be used to cross-reference the feedids. eg http://server.com/emoncms/feed/list.json?apikey=1234abcd.

If you saved/archived each new json formatted feed list reply as yyyymmdd_feedlist.json (for example), when ever looking at/for downloaded files by feedid, it should be easy to marry up to a feedlist by checking the downloaded feed file’s creation date properties, or date of last change if you are not editing the downloaded files.

It’s certainly not the only route to take. There is the emonPi/SD backup module for emoncms (I have never used that), there is also the emoncms sync module (I tried that briefly in its earlier days) and there is also backup/replication in the the emoncms/usefulscripts (I think this is what you have now found?)

You can also make the api calls directly from a script of your own to create your own custom routine, I have previously used a combination of my own custom scripts and the backup/replication script to achieve what I need at the time.