Feed model: Requested feed does not exist

Hi all,

I’ve been using an EmonPi/EmonCMS for a few years with no issues. I have recently started to get an error in the logger relating to a feed not existing

I don’t see any feeds missing, so I suspect these are old feeds or ones I may have deleted over time.

How do I stop the Logger complaining about the missing feeds? I guess I need to delete from a config file somewhere, however I couldn’t find where.


Did you delete some default feeds, or do you have any other idea what would have caused this? It sounds like something is still trying to read from an old feed for some reason.

Did you try a reboot.

I am not an expert, I am just trying to help. We need more information.


I tried a reboot! :slight_smile:

I thought they might be some “default feeds”, Feed ID 1 looks default, however the others have higher IDs, suggesting they aren’t default.

If you look at the Feed List page, it lists the feed IDs of each feed down the left-hand side. So it should be easy to see what these feeds are if they exist, or otherwise confirm that they don’t exist.

If using redis, flush cache from admin page.

Are there any errors reported on the inputs page?

The error message is more likely to be caused by something looking for a feed that no longer exists, eg feeds were deleted that are still referenced in the input processlists or in dash/graphs etc. Or perhaps a external script eg node-red? is trying to query those deleted feeds.

That was it! Thank you very much.