Feed Interval Set Incorrectly - Need to import data

I send WiFi signal strength info to emonCMS every hour but when I set up the feed I inadvertently set the interval to 10 seconds, so I am not able to graph the data. In searching the community it looks like I cannot change the feed interval once it is set.

So, I deleted the feed and created a new one. On my emonPi2 I am capturing the signal strength data every 10 seconds and it is working fine. I attempted to import the data from the emonPi2 into emonCMS and it failed with an out-of-memory message. So, I figured I was trying to import too many records at once (47,000+), so I attempted a smaller number of records (10,000) and then received the following error.

I am assuming that this has to do with the data I am importing is 10-second data and the feed is now set up to receive data every hour. Before I start stripping data from the csv file, I want to check it there is something that I am missing.


Hello @grod55 This just worked for me fine, 20000 datapoints , copied from the CSV export window in the graph module… does the format look the same as yours?

hmmm. I created the feed first and then attempted to import data. As soon as I click Import, I get the JSON error.

Should I be importing and creating the feed at the same time as shown in your screenshot?
Also, the data I am importing is 10 second data, but the feed will be receiving data hourly from the emonPi2 once the feed is configured.


Hello @grod55 the reason it’s giving an error is that your data looks like tab separated values rather than comma separated values. It does at the moment require comma separated - but this is something I would like to change as it would be convenient to support both.

Ah, it is always the little things that trip us up.

I find it ironic that CSV = Comma Separated Values yet it isn’t stored that way in excel.

Everything worked great once I converted the file to timestamp,data. The other thing that I learned is I had to delete the existing feed in emonCMS before importing the previous data as emonCMS only accepts data with a datestamp later than what exists already.



Excel can be a bit of a pain with this. It’s fine if you want to view the data in a nice way but then not always the easiest for copying that data whilst retaining the delimiters.

I found it easier to open the csv in a plain text editor [e.g. Notepad]. It’s less easy to read the data but then much easier to copy & paste the pure data without any Excel silliness! :slight_smile:

Agreed. I found this trick after a bit of searching for a better way. I appreciate the advice.