Feed creation and logging

My emoncms installation on openSUSE is now running and I have started feeding some data to some inputs in it. So far so good. But I’ve also created some feeds from those inputs and that’s not working properly.

It has created feed files but all the files are empty. The only things in the log are from this morning:

2019-03-09 10:25:11.612|ERROR|PHPTimeSeries.php|create() could not write data file fopen(/home/dhoworth/Downloads/OpenEnergyMonitor/emoncms-data/phptimeseries/feed_1.MYD): failed to open stream: Permission denied
2019-03-09 10:25:11.614|WARN|feed_model.php|create() failed to create feed model feedid=1

Now feed 1 was a mistake. There is no feed 1, just feeds 2 through 11. I corrected the permissions on the directory and it created subsequent feeds happily.

So are there some other consequences of that error message? And why are there no other log entries given that I have eleven feed that aren’t working? What should I be looking at?