Feature request, alternator voltage control

I’m building a battery pack for in a vehicle where I will have a 400A alternator that uses an external regulator. Right now, I’m planning on the balmar mc-618 regulator, which is very smart, cycling between bulk charge voltage, absorption charge voltage, and float charge voltage, depending on the voltage it senses from the battery. It warns that if a BMS disconnects the battery (especially if charging at a high current) that the resulting voltage spike could damage the alternator (the short voltage spike could damage the diodes in the alternator)

What I’d ideally like is for the BMS itself to control the field voltage to the alternator, and be able to run it up or down as the BMS thinks is needed

But short of that, I need a way for the BMS to signal the alternator to reduce/cut power output as or just before it cuts the battery out of the circuit.

Thoughts about this for a future version? (I am willing to sponsor development for this)