Failing LCD display on emonGLCD v1.3

Hi All
My emonGLCD display has developed some lines of missing text over the last week so I’m thinking of replacing it.
I suspect the part number for the display is on the back but this means cutting all the connecting legs to gain access thus destroying the display.
I’ve searched online for ST7565 128x64 but all seem to have ribbon cables not through hole legs.
Does anyone know the part number so I can get a new display (if they’re still available) before I destroy the original?

Welcome back, Chris.

I think @gwil probably has access to the parts lists that they ordered the parts for the kits from.

Thanks Robert

It isn’t one of the electrolytic capacitors failing, by any chance? You remember the problems in the early days with one of them being reversed, causing a low voltage to the LCD driver I think?

There’s no obvious sign of any bulging electrolytic capacitors; everything’s been working fine for last 6-7 years (see photo for problem just below 1/2 way down screen)

Ah, OK, that doesn’t look like the capacitor problem.

You’ve checked for dry joints - at 6 - 7 years, it’s getting into that territory - or it could be the frit failing where the pin meets the glass. (Don’t worry about the 2 × 3 pins on the top edge - they’re mechanical support only.)
It might be worth easing the processor up and down in its socket just in case there’s a bit of tarnish and a bad contact there.

All solder joints look fine but reflowed all joints I could access. Removed CPU, cleaned legs & refitted, problem not resolved. It’s looking like the LCD display has got worse!

That tends to point to the joint just inside the LCD then. I think you’re relying on Gwil, though the GLCD was before his time here, he might have to defer to Glyn or Trystan.

Thanks for your help Robert


can you still get emonGLCD kits? Looked around but could not find any :frowning:


No, the kits were discontinued a long time ago - due I believe to the high labour cost of picking the parts, amongst other things such as the popularity of tablets which were perceived to be a substitute.


Off to find a cheap tablet