Failed emonpi?

Overnight my emonPi has stopped reading any of its sensors. my OpenEVSE’s are reporting in fine. What is the best way to go about debugging where the failure is?

Hello Dennis, are you able to access the local emoncms interface on the emonPi?

The first place to look is the emonhub log, see: emonHub Overview — OpenEnergyMonitor 0.0.1 documentation. Do you see any activity there?

Next it’s worth copying and pasting the system information from the Admin page here, checking things like the log partition, is it full?

Hi Trystan,

I am able to access emoncms interface and the emonpi by ssh. Everything is working except reading Watts, KWh, Voltage, and Temperature. logs were not very helpful. I ended up reflashing the firmware and it started working. I guess it had somehow corrupted. makes me wonder if I should look at something for replacing my setup. with over 40 circuits I would like to monitor them all to get an idea on usage per circuit so that I can look at what is using what. but it is working again now. thanks for your input


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