Factoryreset script: Is it broken?

Much as the title says. Is the factoryreset script broken on the Oct19 image? Seems it’s trying to access a load of directories that don’t exist.

For example:

  • /home/pi/emonpi
  • /home/pi/data

/home/pi is empty.

Yes, I don’t think it was updated when the last lot of changes for EmonScript were done.

TBH, unless you have other things on the card you’d probably be better off just re-flashing the image.

It’s more a case of accessibility. Far easier to reset it remotely than dig it out, and dismantle it. I’m being lazy.

I made links to /opt/openenergymonitor/emonpi and data. The script seems to have run. Will see if it’s done the trick.

Edit: I think it’s left the system in a funny state. Looks like I’m going digging.