Factory reset the EmonPi


I have an EmonPi. I’m getting some issues and I have done a factory reset using the script provided.


It has erased all the data, as expected, but not all the configuration, passwords, etc

I want to really do a factory reset. Is there another way apart from removing the sd card, formatting it, and reinstalling the OS?


You can just flash a new image.

The advice is to start with a new SD Card as they do wear out, but you can overwrite the one you have.

I’ve started a guide (draft still). Updating with new SD Card · openenergymonitor/emonpi Wiki · GitHub

Thanks @borpin !

Where is the emonpi SD card located? Do I have to take the Emonpi apart?

Unfortunately, you do. You need a Torx (T20) screwdriver and take off the black acrylic plastic end, and the SD card is just beneath the push button.

When putting the screws back, turn them anti-clockwise to find the thread the screw has already cut, then it won’t need to cut a new thread for itself.

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