Factory Reset? Instructions unclear

I’ve moved to a new home, and it has a completely different configuration, but I can’t find any easy way to perform a factory reset or otherwise wipe the data and the configuration and start fresh. This topic has come up in the past in the forums, but the instructions for a factory reset are long out of date and I don’t know of any way to do it short of physically disassembling the unit, and putting a fresh SD card in it, and there really is no need to go through that - this thing is a pain in the rear to get put back together.

Really, there needs to be a factory reset option in the configuration GUI.

Four screws, on the end where the pushbutton is, and there’s the SD card (right under the pushbutton) - is that really hard?

OK, a “Factory Reset” might be useful on rare occasions such as this, it’s also very dangerous to your data if you do it accidentally.
If the instructions are out of date, @TrystanLea will hopefully notice this and update them - or maybe add a Factory Reset for you - but that would be in the next version.

Getting it apart is easy. It’s getting it back together that’s the tricky part. all the various pieces of that shell come apart and don’t want to go back together for humans that only have two hands.

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If you only take the one end off, it doesn’t fall apart, neither do you have to slide anything out. The SD card is “push to release”, so it’s a matter of a press on the end of the card, and it pops out far enough to grasp in thumb and forefinger.

If you have taken it apart, reassemble the case sides on the aluminium end, then slide the display and emonPi shield attached to the RPi in together (the respective slots to use is obvious) then slide in the case bottom, fix the acrylic end plate.

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Hello @canerdian I would recommend flashing the latest SD card image at this point rather than factory reseting your current one. There’s a guide on how to do that here Update & Upgrade - Guide | OpenEnergyMonitor