External antifreeze valves

I’ve two Caleffi antifreeze valves I intend to fit adjacent to my Ecodan but the instructions state they have to be protected from direct sunlight, rain and snow.

The first isn’t a problem due to the location but how are people achieving the other two?

Well I finally got around to fitting them before the weather changes.

Searched the net and didn’t find a solution to my original question.

I’m currently thinking maybe a plastic bottle cut vertically and fitted over the top of the valve and adjacent insulation.

Here’s a video of how to insulate them

Yeah, I’ve insulated them as per spec but the issue is that the top part is supposed to be protected from rain and snow.

Given they are both installed outside within a metre of the HP unit, I’m not sure how.

I suppose you will need to think/find a piece of hose/pipe that you can stick on top and bend it down such that no rain/snow can block it.

Why not just make a canopy to protect them with some pipe clips and some pvc sheet or ally sheet or fix someting off the wall if you have it clost to a wall