External 1.2 ohm power resistor instead of onboard resistors set

Just purchased 50 sets 1.2ohm alum jacketed 50w power resistors from AliExpress today, so i can play around with trying to drag more balancing current from the BMS boards buy desolder the resistors on the BMS boards and upgrade the cabling from the batteries to the resistors, may even look at upgrading the mosfet and place it with the power resistor, may work, may not?
50 sets cost cost just on $70 AUD

AliExpress link

I,ve done it without remove the onboard resistors to have a Temperature Controll with the onboard temperatur Sensors. Without this time Limit the 1.2ohm resistor are too hot

What are the wattage ratings of the load resistors?. I am looking at trying not to use any of the power resistors load current passing through the PCB, so as not to load the copper etches of the boards at all, I think that trying to use the on board mosfet to switch a separate mosfet for the load resistor

The Resistors are specified with 50W. The Maximum current with 3,5V is 2,9A. These 10W makes the resistor very warm, because of that it is good, that the internal Sensor shuts down the Load after a few Seconds. The Mosfet on the board switch this current without to get warm. Because of dont overload the Cooper etches and Sockets, i Connect the resistor direct to the positive Batterie pol. The other Side is connected direct to The Mosfet Pin on the board. The gnd of the Module is also Connect direct to the battery.