Exported data wrong

My arduino uno sends data from my energy meter (counting pulses) to emoncms every minute. Or to be more precise, when the next pulse occurs after 1 minute. The sum of kWh on emoncms is correct (daily use). But when I try to export it to CVS for further analasys, the sum is not correct anymore. I get the best results if I choose 10s interval, but the sum of kWh is stil a few percent off.

Why is that happening and is there a solution?

I see, there is already somebody with the same problem:

That is my problem…

Hello @JaBK

Can you attach a screenshot of what your data looks like? how many gaps do you see?

You could use the wh_accumulator process which will join across gaps, which may solve your problem. You could keep both your current approach and add a wh_accumulator to test if you like.

This is correct:

This is what I get, when I export data choosing 10s interval (daily sum is in the red square):

This is what I get when I export data choosing 1min interval:

How do I set up wh- accumulator? what does it do?