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Export 48-column half-hourly data

What would be the most effective way to download a csv with 48 columns of half-hourly kWh data?
Or is that to be done outside in a spreadsheet?
Ideally I would create an automated export feed creating a “standard” 48-column half-hourly data set.

Hello @Wokingham, the way I usually do it is to use the approach documented here for calculating daily kWh data from a cumulative kWh feed, you just change the interval to be 1800 seconds instead. The resulting values are available to copy and paste as CSV at the bottom.

Alternatively you could automate it by using the feed/data API, a quick way of getting an example request to work with is to use the Network tab in your browser window as you use the Graph interface in the guide that I linked, you will see the requests its making to produce the half hourly data.

I’m about to make a decision on solar panels and it would be really useful to have a visualisation of power used by hour/half-hour of the day averaged over a reasonably long time period.
The next step would be overlay a typical solar day (winter & summer) for a selectable panel peak power, to see how much consumption the panels would cover and what peaks you may be able to move to during daylight.

Hello Paul, good to see you on here! That’s a good idea, a simplified solar generation curve based on panel details could work well!

I should say I cant promise anything right now as I have quite a long list of things to get through, your probably best exporting the data and analysing in excel or something like that?

Makes me think, it would be nice if there was an easy way to share feeds between emoncms accounts, I could then give you a couple of solar feeds that I have access to here that you could use to compare against your consumption data. The sync module works great if you have the username and password for the account to download from but not really for importing public feeds or feeds that a user may choose to share…


Local PV system output:
Emoncms - graph 125788

National simulated solar output from PV live:
Emoncms - graph 114934