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Explanation for OpenEVSE Wifi Setup

The OpenEVSE does not provide any explanation at all on the meaning of the different “blocks” such as Setup, Charge Options, Session Status, Required PV power ratio, smoothing value meaning, etc. I have my PV Divert set to Grid. I have searched this forum and so far found:

Charge Options:
a) when set to Eco, the unit will start solar generation when > [email protected] or 1440W.
b) If a timer value is added, then the Eco function is bypassed and charging will start and end at the specified times.
Q1: Please confirm: for b) above, the amps that will be used when the timer is active is specified under Setup, Max Current and the Level.

Q2: Sensor Values: Pilot A . Not quite sure the source of this value, is this what the EVSE is sending to the car or what is being detected from the car? I have noticed under the Session Status that the current may say 14.3, yet the Pilot value is 11 A?

Q3: Setup Max Amps: If the unit is set to Eco mode and a timer is specified, I understand this value is what will be used to charge the car during the timer period. However, I have noticed that despite setting this value to ex: 16, when set in Eco and no timer, the value changes when solar is active?

Q4: Under System tab, Solar PV Divert. Can someone explain how increasing or decreasing the values under Power Divert, Divert Smoothing and Divert Smoothing Decay affect the current to be used for the pilot?

Q5: Under System tab, Solar PV Divert Current. How is this current calculated? I was assuming it was the excess to the grid Grid IE(watts) / 240V = Excess Current at the moment. (I update the Grid power every 5 mins).

Q6: As a follow up to Q5, how is this current use by the EVSE to set the Pilot Amps and displayed under Session Status.