Existing type 2 EVSE to openevse upgrade

hi all

I have solar and a diy powerwall and emonpi

I have a standard type 2 charger outside for my hybrid now I just tend to charge when I see the solar is max but planning on getting an electric only car

with this in mind I want 100% of my excess solar to go to charging the car if its on the drive looks like evse can do this

do I need to replace the whole set up or is there a way to upgrade what I have already



Hi Arden,

It could be possible to upgrade your existing charger, but it will require a fair bit of work. A while back I upgraded an old Rolec unit to use OpenEVSE controller see video. The OpenEVSE controller will work with any AC contactor.

We sell all the OpenEVSE parts individually: EV Chargepoints (EVSE) - Shop | OpenEnergyMonitor

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Thanks mine is a moMINI not sure if this means anything to you

Do you mean EoMini? This is a very small enclosure. I doubt there would be space to fit all the OpenEVSE components inside e.g

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